Valiant's new title starts off with a "Killer(s)" debut

"Killers #1" Cover A

Killers by B. Clay Moore (Writer), Fernando Dagnino (Art), Jose Villarrubia (Colors), Jeff Powell (Letters.)

I'll start this off by saying I don't read many Valiant titles. Not out of disinterest or anything; I hear their titles are superb. I think I just mainly stay with the indies I know. That said, when Killers came through our advance previews, that cover hooked me. The contours, the colors, the layout, everything. I said, "I'm reviewing this book" and that was that. And it did not let me down.

The story revolves around both a murder and an attempted murder on two former MI6 agents (MI6 = kind of like the British CIA.) These are no ordinary agents, though. They're part of a Ninja program whose operatives were taught not only how to fight, but also given secrets into unlocking their greatest physical potential. Through the circumstances noted (you know, the murder and attempted murder), Ninjas G and K meet and are determined to find out who's after them.

Story-wise, this book is top notch. Fast-paced, almost Bond (James Bond)-esque, the story moves at a speed that's both quick and easily readable. Moore has crafted a tale that you'll want to invest in. Right off the bat I wanted to know why these killings/attempted killings were happening, who these characters are, and why MI6 has a ninja program.

Dagnino and Villarrubia, do a stellar job. Dagnino's contour work is fantastic; he paints fascinating views from Colorado to Italy. The fight scenes are fast and fun. Villarrubia's colors pop and complement the former's art tremendously. Together, these two have a Sean Murphy-meets-anime style, and I really dig it. Lettering is on point (little joke), and Powell lets Moore's words flow with ease.

Definitely pick this book up. It's like a summer blockbuster but with more gusto.

Killers from Valiant Comics hits shops on July 31, 2019.

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