Vintage x-ray specs get a horrific twist in the POP Cover Of The Week: Specs #1

Specs #1, BOOM! Studios, Cover by Skylar Patridge.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week (and new comic) takes a whimsical and somewhat naughty vintage comic book ad and turns it into a cover (and tale) of suspense and horror.

Back when comic books still had ads —nearly two generations ago now— ads like these were packed onto full pages crowded with others promising so much for so little.

Ads for specs that would give you instant “x-ray vision” were some of the longest-running and most humorous. The actual glasses of course didn’t work, and merely blurred your vision and gave a weird optical illusion.

The creators of BOOM! Studios new title Specs, puts a chilling spin on the “innocent” toy: they actually work, but not in the way advertised!

The cover by Skylar Patridge clearly and efficiently communicates the story’s concept in a simple, powerful image that explodes with color. Reflected in the lens of the glasses we see what the wearer sees with eye-popping shock.

The title logo itself is what put this cover over the top for me. It incorporates into the font the swirly optical effect seen in vintage ads. It anchors a cover blessedly free of clunky and cluttered trade dress. It’s one of the cleanest covers I’ve seen in a while.

Specs #1, featuring the POP Cover Of The Week from BOOM! Studios, is available today November 9, 2022.

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