Waverider highjacked! Gary & Gideon vs the Fate Sisters! DC's Legends vs Zombies in "I Am Legends"!

Last ep, the Legends captured the Chalice of Dionysus, hoping to use its power to make whomever drinks from it immortal for a day, to allow their resident Fate Sister, Clotho, to survive using the Loom Of Fate singlehandedly. But while the team is all out celebrating as this episode opens, the Waverider (with the Loom) is highjacked by the other two Fate Sisters. Now all they need is their third sister Clotho back so they can continue to reweave the world into further chaos.

This season, episodes and titles have been inspired by tv or movies; last week it was a twist on Freaks and Geeks…this week it’s Richard Matheson’s last man on earth vs. mutated zombies masterpiece novel and Will Smith movie I Am Legend. The Legends find themselves pursued by Fate Sister-created zombies (that can RUN), as they make their way to a Time Bureau safe house, where they hope to find Courier bracelets to open a portal back to the Waverider. It’s a good thing the Legends drank from that Chalice, because they are all put through physical hell this episode, and wouldn’t have survived without being immortal and immune from harm. This ep felt more like an ep of The Walking Dead (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The epic Legends vs Zombies bar fight begins!

Captain Sarah Lance’s new precognitive powers continue to be both a pivotal plot point, and a predictable weekly lie, when Sarah gets a precog flash, and says “It’s nothing, really.” Translation: “This adventure will end with all our deaths, but I don’t want to burden you.”

The atmosphere created by the Legends’ impending doom as they are surrounded by zombies makes for some touching, dramatic, and entertaining moments between the character duos, especially an extended subplot with Constantine and Zari, that includes a deathly creative escape-from-the-zombies plan.

Speaking of character duos, back on the Waverider Garry attempts to get A.I. Gideon back online after the Fate Sisters sabotaged her and swiped the ship. He gets a nasty shock, and awakens to see Gideon in the flesh. Flirting and weird sexual tension ensues, as they team up to take back the Loom and the ship.

Gary and a manifestation of the Waverider A.I. Gideon team up against the evil Fate Sisters

Actor Jes Macallan (Ava) makes the most of every scene she is in, always finding a creative way to be extremely watchable. I find myself rewinding to re-watch each quirky thing she has done…a goofy facial expression, a moment of exasperation, or in this episode, as an immortal reacting to what would normally be a mortal injury.


• Ma Hunkel’s Golden Age Red Tornado spaghetti pot helmet in the Waverider study

• the billboard on the bus Constantine chooses to sit in front of

• the Jonah Hex WANTED poster

• a George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead) lookalike zombie among the horde

• an epic bar fight with a zombie horde

Will the Legends survive the zombie hordes after their 24 hour immortal charm runs out? Will they make it back to the Waverider and defeat the Fates? Will Clotho rejoin her sisters on the Dark Side? Find out on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airing Tuesdays on The CW in the U.S. You can see each week’s episode the next day, and catch up on previous eps at www.cwtv.com

Previous seasons are available on Netflix.

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