WEBCOMIC REVIEW: Shard is a very passionate world of witches, demons, and sarcastic cats.

Written and Illustrated by Megan Stevenson.

I am a sucker for magic and witchy stories, I especially love the dark world of fae and grim world of supernatural. Shard is a super sexy and sleek narrative about a witch who won't be restrained by the forces of the Witch Coven.

Shay, a rebellious and overpowered witch, needs to perform a complicated spell, to reunite with her lover. She has all the ingredients for a spell except one: she needs a 'virgin adult'. In this modern world, where sexual encounters are easy and virgins a rare existence, where does a witch find one such creature?

But she finds one! This one she stumbles upon, thanks to her roommate! Kieran is that 'virgin'... a geologist, who is not so innocent and has his own plans about his virginity. While the Witch Coven is looking for Shay, her twin and soulmate Nikhil is brewing his own plot in the Demon World. Each character has their own agenda and ideas about their rights, and it was a delicious story to bite into.

The story was entertaining and lucid, there are many subplots that craft a great main plot. There are multiple love stories: the parallel story of Dean and Lance of coming in terms with their own attraction towards each other was so smartly executed. Liz who loves Kieran trying to help her brother but never losing her sensibility in the ordeal, I mean have you ever seen a woman in times of stress? We never lose our composure. I loved how each character was helpful, in their own limited way they try to help Shay and Kie, and themselves. Iri creating a love potion for Dean and Lance was a sweet gesture, and Daisy being protective and loving Kie like a best friend was the best part of the story. And the Demon Lord's storyline with Shay was poetic justice. It makes one question so many things about love. Is being together enough? Is sex the be all and end all? Is emotional bonding better? But what won my heart was the sub-sub-plot of Trish. Trish had the best arc in the story, from a girl being manipulated by her father to a girl who speaks for herself, I agree with Neil Gaiman too, I love a story where the princess saves herself.

The familiar cats Gin and Tonic with their sarcasm made this common world not so common. The power struggle in the underworld and the Coven's own members getting fatigued of battles was smart. Not all who are powerful want to fight, and not all weak are meek. Vatsuki and the other demons shape-shifting their sex was an interesting concept, creatures of desire can be an anything they want. Especially when the Demon Lord kept shifting their form from male to female, I had my throat dry up. There are so hot and creepily sexy! I mean I totally understood by Shay was so madly in love with them.

The art style is something I absolutely love: colourful, detailed, and to the point. Nothing is in excess in Stevenson's world, she gives us glimpses into the various realms, but doesn't give away too much, and it helps sustain the suspense. The favourite panels (panels are not a thing in webtoons) was the waltz under blood moons! Shay broom racing like a pressed being! Demon Lord and Shay lovemaking (wink!wink!). There was a bit of fan service too, and my pansexual heart was very happy about it as Shay doesn't believe in the concept of trousers. Those legs are gorgeous and worth dying for, if art could kill, Shard has pierced my heart hard.

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