WEBTOON REVIEW: 'She Would Never Know'. Will this office romance have a happy ending?

Illustrated by: JINHA, Adapted for Webtoon by: Cafelatte, from the Original Web Novel Senior, Don’t Put On That Lipstick by Elize.

In the last year, I have seen so many Twitter debates about the compulsory requirement of a ‘Happy Ending’ in Romance. These are technically not debates to me, but just some misguided and misinformed readers who do not understand how a genre works. A story can be romantic and a love story and still not be romance if it doesn’t fulfill certain criteria of romance genre (which is HAPPY ENDING). A novel with mystery at its core cannot be a mystery novel if the mystery is left unsolved. May the fickle gods forgive the ill-informed.

In my search for happy endings in comics, I found She Would Never Know, a webcomic adaption of a popular Korean light web-novel Senior, Don’t Put On That Lipstick written by Elize, that was also made into a critically acclaimed and widely loved K-drama. She Would Never Know revolves around Songa, a workaholic assistant brand manager at the popular luxury cosmetic company called Klar. Songa is a soft spoken and highly independent person who likes to have her life sorted and hassle-free according to her desires. Secretly she is dating her boss, Jaesin Lee, and as we all know, office romance may create problems, hence the couple have kept their relationship hidden. Songa is not upset about the arrangement and is pretty content with how things are; her job is interesting and she is earning well and her love life is fine, or so believes. But one day, trouble pops up when Hyeonsung, Songa’s junior (whom she hired off campus selection) stops her from wearing the lipstick that is Jaesin’s favourite colour. Eventually due to a certain interfering junior, Songa learns Jaesin is planning to marry the younger sister of Klar’s president, and intends to send Songa away to Europe.

After learning this information, Songa decides to breakup with Jaesin. But do