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What's Poppin'? - Avengers Endgame

Hey all!

So with all the Endgame hype it was inevitable that we'd see a new wave of Funkos all around!

My personal favorites are the standard Pops so check out the lineup below!

To start, we have the standard 4" commons.

All of them are as follows: Thanos, Captain Marvel, Edgy Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Nebula, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Tony Stark, and War Machine.


After these guys comes the exclusives!

Rocket and Ronin, arguably the most desired of the bunch, are available only at Walmart (or Ebay if you're willing to pay double to triple)


Up next is The Hulk exclusive from Gamestop- branded a Funko Insider exclusive. (Note the packaging art on the actual Pop does not match the photo below)


Iron Man in the regular armor is available via BoxLunch


Cap in all his Red, White and Blue glory is available at Hot Topic.


Hawkeye, regretting the haircut and waiting for it to grow back, has decided to rejoin his old group of friends as a Walgreens exclusive


And here's War Machine, as an Amazon exclusive. How he got that suit on over the armor is almost as much a mystery as how Amazon can do 2-day shipping for so cheap...


Why Barnes & Noble has this as an exclusive is beyond me, but anyways, here's what you all wanted! A two-pack of Hulk and Thanos? Maybe B&N is pining for that rematch?


To top it off, Target seems to have a policy of bigger is always better with those 10" Funko Pops. Or wait for it... they're trying to give the "Big Bad" his due. I present to you the 10" Thanos!


Each of the Older Avengers- Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor all have their own Glow in the Dark/Shirt Box Bundles as well.

Iron Man- Target

Hulk- Hot Topic

Thor- Gamestop

Captain America- FYE


Most of the Pops are a neat look into what may be to come in the movie and highlight the stars that will be prevalent throughout.

Pick your favorite and happy hunting!

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