Where did all the horror go? "Immortal Hulk #26"

Writer: Al Ewing, Art: Joe Bennett, Inker: Ruy Jose, Colorist: Paul Mounts, Letters: VC's Cory Petit.

The Immortal Hulk #26 returns from that trippy interlude that issue 25 was comprised of.

While 25 may have been a psychedelic pill to swallow, issue #26 brought us back to base, Shadow Base to be exact, where writer Al Ewing begins to lay the groundwork for the revolution he's been hinting at for quite some time.

Bennett working in tandem with Ewing is always a dream combo, as he brings to life the rage that Bruce Banner has towards the world onto the page, and in a way, disseminates the feelings portrayed by the people viewing Banner's spiel among the populace reading this particular book.

The one thing I found disheartening about this new direction for The Immortal Hulk was its departure from the horror genre and one of the biggest reasons many readers came on to the book (aside from the ridiculous spec/FOMO hype).

One of the most enduring aspects of the book was the Hulk's tendency to be a creature of the night, but we've these past two issues have been rather lacking in the titular character and the chilling demeanor that he constantly brings to the fold. This issue is a very Banner-centric one which detracts from the notion that The Immortal Hulk is as in charge as it has been made to appear.

I think however that my growing discomfort with these recent issues is the fact that issues prior to #25 felt much more.... intimate in a sense. The earlier arcs of The Immortal Hulk were focused on the tasks and enemies at hand, whereas the current issues have finally started to focus on said Hulk's Human Proposal in the scale it was intended to. The horror that was previously built by Ewing and Bennett is steadily turning into plain chaos, and that was not what drove the book to become the beast it was becoming.

I'll definitely be staying on it a few more issues to see where things end up (if not for the sweet Alex Ross covers alone).

The Immortal Hulk is available as of 11/6/19 at your favorite comic book retailers!

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