Who is President Nathaniel? This and more in bloody, revealing Post Americana #3: ADVANCE REVIEW

Story and art: Steve Skroce, Colours: Dave Stewart, Letters and design: Fonografiks.

Mike and Carolyn finally get to the friendly place where they can get help. Unfortunately they are greeted by an Ed 209 lookalike (for all those old enough to get a Robocop reference) and get fired upon. Two figures run out, trying to suppress the eager machine. We learn that Carolyn's tribe was wiped out, and she was taken in by a group of people, two of which were her father figures. Mike levels with them about his plan to reset things and help bring freedom back to the people. It’s clear that there is only one person who can help with that: the Judge. He has the man and machine power to help in their fight, but will it be that easy to win him over, or does another curve ball come their way?

I’ve really enjoyed the series so far. One of the criticisms that I have is the lack of character and world building. This has not been fully formed in the last 2 issues, but it’s a start. In the previous issue we got to see more about Carolyn. This issue we dive into how the bubble became to be run by the new president, Nathaniel Hawksworthe. This president came to be as the government had fallen and the very wealthy had then made their way to the bunkers. After the apocalypse, he goes out with a search party to find life. Comes back alone, and crowns himself ruler. This kind of back story helps us see more into the past, and I love how it’s written to suggest that maybe Nathaniel did something nefarious to his search party. Without defining anything, the story weaves this character into the big bad dictator. I’m sure he is, but there’s something missing which helps with the mystery of the character.

I feel like Steve Skroce is getting into a good rhythm with both the story and the art. The increased information about the time before the bubble was corrupted helps us see how we got there, and fills in some gaps when it comes to Nathaniel. This shows he’s not particularly presidential, due to the fact that he’s just a civilian who took the highest office in the land with no competition to keep him in check. I think there’s still a bit of world building to do, as I’m still very curious about how the apocalypse happened and what caused it. These are questions that don’t need an answer, but I feel it would help round out the story if we were to get things defined.

In regards to Skroce's art. There’s more full art pages in this issue than the other two combined, and if they are all going to be this good, my question is: why wait so long to show off? These pages are beautifully woven into the story so we don’t miss a narrative punch, but we can still enjoy the glorious artwork on display.

This series, although bloody and brutal, still remains one of the more fun books out at the moment. As I’ve stated before, if you’re a fan of the Mad Max apocalyptic movies, then you’ll love this.

Post Americana issue 3 is released on 24th February from your local comic shop, as well as comixology

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