Will Marvel's new Star be a hero or a destroyer? "Star #3" continues her very eventful journey

Writer: Kelly Thompson, Artists: Javier Pina with Filipe Andrade, Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov, Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles, Cover: Carmen Carnero & Jesus Aburtov.

The Infinity Stones are back in the Marvel Comics Universe, and this time one of them, the Reality Stone, has somehow bonded with reporter Ripley Ryan.

Long story short, in the first two issues, Ryan has proven to be a less than ideal human being, making a devil’s bargain with a Kree scientist to gain superpowers, losing a near-fatal battle with Captain Marvel, losing her powers, and being imprisoned. But then, improbably, superpowered lightning struck a second time, and the Reality Stone chose to become one with her, along with an entirely new and vastly more dangerous power set. Ryan continued to make poor decisions, butting heads with Jessica Jones, and is now confronted by Wanda the Scarlet Witch, who is trying to help Ryan make sense out of it all. All while dodging heroes that want to stop her, and dark forces that want to rip the Reality Stone out of her.

Wanda is equal parts therapist and teacher, trying to guide Ryan to adjust and control her new cosmic, dangerous reality-shifting powers. Ryan is rightfully afraid of what she may become. The rest of the issue isn’t a lot of standing around and talking…oh, no, there’s plenty of action, and colorful guest stars.

Pina’s art style is sharp and sure, very organic looking and attractive, with just enough detailing to give texture without being fussy, and a wide variety of facial expressions and emotions. Meanwhile, Andrade’s sketchy art in the flashback scenes is too jarring a contrast in style…I wasn’t fond of it at all.

Colorists are being called Color Artists more and more often these days, which is certainly a more accurate description of the impact they can make on a story with computer-aided coloring. Their increased capabilities have made modern colorists just as important to the look of the story as the penciller. Jesus Aburtov earns the title Color Artist with an impressive amount of detail and layers and textures, that help make Pina’s sometimes flat-looking line drawings come alive with dimension.

Ryan's reality shaping powers in action against the Black Order

It will be interesting to see where writer Kelly Thompson takes Star from here…whether she gets through her growing pains and questionable character traits to become the newest Marvel hero, or one of its most dangerous villains.

Star #3 from Marvel Comics is available March 25, 2020.

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