Will the ball drop with a BOOM for Batman on the New Year's edition of the Retro Cover Of The Week?

Batman Vol. 1, #247, 1973, Art by Dick Giordano.

It didn't look like Batman was going to ring in the New Year in a very fun way in 1973, when Dick Giordano created the excellent cover teaser to Batman #247. What kid could resist buying this issue with a cover like that?

Giordano was an excellent artist in his own right, but you can see that he is showing the influence of inking Neal Adams for the last several years: some of Adams' style has rubbed off on him. His composition of Batman on the New Year's Eve ball drop is on an angle and dynamic, and Batman's cape has the dramatic flourish and flowing lines that Adams had become famous for. The cape was expertly and realistically drawn to show it being updrafted by the fall. The bomber's festive sweater is a nice visual irony.

Placing elements of the illustration in front of the comic title logo heightens the 3-D illusion of the foreground figures jumping off the page. Putting the banner at the top of the cover in front of the vial's mist adds another level of depth.

The crowd below and ground are left snowy white to minimize the and make the foreground elements POP even more. Even Giordano's classy monogram signature doesn't distract from the simple composition, a New Year's classic POP Retro Cover Of The Week!

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